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Santa's Toy


A sexy, ruthless lawyer becomes Santa’s toy in order to get off the Naughty List!

Danielle attends her firm’s lavish holiday dinner party held every year in a museum in hopes of learning she’s made partner. She’s stepped on more than a few toes, but she isn’t concerned about the decisions made to ensure her rise to the top. When Danielle stops to admire the museum’s replica of the North Pole, she is caught off guard when Santa beckons to her. Lead by two of his elves, Danielle soon discovers this jolly old man is the real deal and there’s a price to be paid for continually being on his Naughty List. He gives her two options for redemption, but Danielle refuses to jeopardize her burgeoning career and agrees instead to become Santa’s toy. She will do whatever he and his two elves want to get what she wants, but all is not what it seems inside Santa’s Workshop...


“Are you going to give me what I want, Santa?” Danielle said under her breath.

It was as if he heard her even though she was at least ten feet away from where he sat. Danielle’s stomach fluttered when piercing blue eyes focused on her. The imposter Santa beckoned to her, and she looked around to see if there was maybe a small child still waiting for his chance with the big guy, but there was no one else in the vicinity.


Her head shot up to see Santa beckoning to her still.

Had he said her name?

How could he know her name?

The questions made her pulse speed up as she considered ignoring Santa’s friendly summons, pivoting and leaving.

“Santa requests your presence on this fine night.”

Danielle jumped, startled by the surprisingly deep masculine voice coming from a small man dressed like an elf. “Excuse me?”

The elf smiled at her. “Santa wants to speak with you.”

“Umm…maybe next time? I’m actually late for a dinner party.”

Her response made the elf laugh and despite being annoyed, Danielle couldn’t help smiling back. He was handsome regardless of his funny costume.

“This way, Danielle.”

Danielle frowned when the elf opened the little wooden gate to let her pass. “How do you know my name? Who put you up to this?”

She barely noticed being taken by the hand while looking around to see if Mandy or another associate was close by laughing. There was not a single soul in sight. Danielle wondered how that was possible when she’d seen stragglers still making their way out of the museum. She tried to remove her hand from the elf’s, but was unable to pull away.

“This is very amusing, but really, I don’t have time to talk to Santa,” Danielle insisted.

“You do have time, Danielle.” Santa patted his leg with a merry smile. “Come here.”

Surprised by the butterflies suddenly taking flight in her stomach Danielle laughed. “Seriously?”

Her gaze shifted momentarily from Santa’s intense gaze to the other elf flanked by his side.

            “I don’t think so, San–“ Danielle gasped when the elf holding her hand pushed her forward with more strength than she would have ever given him credit for possessing. Santa caught her before she could blink, placing her firmly on his lap. “Hey!”

“Shhh!” Santa said placing his finger over her lips.

Stunned, Danielle thought the deep blue eyes scrutinizing her seemed to hold less warmth than the easy smile curving his lips beneath his snowy white beard.

“It’s been a long time, hasn’t it, Danielle?”

“I think I was four.”

“Four and half,” Santa amended with a wry grin.

Flashes of being placed on Santa’s lap flooded her mind. She remembered the red pea coat she’d worn and the nervous excitement to finally have her moment with St. Nick. Now, that she thought about it, Danielle was certain she had been four and half.

“Wait…how did you know that?” Danielle asked unable to keep the surprise from her voice.

Heat flooded her cheeks when Santa simply chuckled. The elves joined in and deep boisterous sounds of the men laughing seemed to echo around her. Danielle thought whoever had put together the holiday exhibit for the Holberg Museum deserved a raise.

“So, Danielle, tell Santa…have you been naughty or nice this year?”

The elves fell silent; their gazes locking on her the moment Santa asked his question.


More laughter erupted from the elves, but Santa didn’t smile.

“Come on, Danielle. Be honest. Have you been naughty or nice this year?”

Was it her imagination or had Santa’s voice hardened just a little when he repeated his question?

Danielle frowned. She was impressed by the holiday display and even the dedicated Santa whose lap she now sat on, but the trip down memory lane had gone on far enough.

“Look, this is great. I think you’re the best Santa I’ve seen since I was a babe in Toyland. I’d love to indulge in this childhood game, but I’ve really gotta go.”

She tried to get up and gasped when Santa wrapped his arm around her waist to hold her in place.

“This isn’t a game, Danielle.”

This time there was no mistaking the hard edge in faux Santa’s voice.

What the hell was going on?

“Hey! Let me go,” Danielle said, her shock shifting to anger. Her heart fluttered when she met the steely ice blue gaze casually watching her struggle to get free.

“Be still and answer the question.”

“Excuse me? Who do you think you are—”

“I am Father Christmas. Santa Claus. Saint Nicholas and many know me as Kris Kringle. You may call me Kris.”


Copyright © Nichelle Gregory, 2012


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Vitamin P


Inhibitions slip away and pent-up desires are explored when a pretty, but shy scientist takes a libido-enhancing trial drug her team has been working on!

A brilliant, driven scientist, Nisa devotes her time to her work in the lab. Frustrated with her inability to orgasm or enjoy sex, Nisa is personally vested in the outcome of her team’s latest case study of Vitamin P, a female libido-enhancing pill. She recklessly takes more than the prescribed dosage of the drug upon overhearing Ryce and Eric, her two closest male friends and fellow scientists joking about her sexless appeal. The pill unleashes powerful, hidden desires within Nisa and she revels in it orgasmic effects. Her insatiable cravings lead her into the arms of both men. However, once the pill wears off Nisa wonders if love and friendship can survive in the aftermath of her relentless passion.



There it was…a twisting arc of pleasure in her lower belly. Her eyes widened as it blossomed, widened, and sank lower.


She was getting wet simply from the way Ryce said her name. Embarrassed, Nisa cleared her throat and crossed her arms across her chest. The movement made her nipples harden instantly.

It was happening.

“Seriously, are you all right?” Ryce frowned as he studied her. “You look flushed.”

“I’m fine. This ten-hour day is just catching up with me,” Nisa finally replied, aware of her hot face.

She squeezed her thighs together and gasped as the slimmest shimmer of an orgasm lit through her body. The teasing tendrils of bliss spread through her blood like wildfire, drenching her panties as Ryce continued to stare at her. Nisa was shocked by the physical manifestations of the drug. Unbelievably, it felt like she could climax right in front of Ryce if she simply squeezed her thighs together one more time.

“Yeah, me too,” Ryce said, turning his attention back to his monitor.

Nisa breathed a sigh of relief, not wanting to move with him looking at her.

With a cautious step, she walked toward the lab doors. Her clit felt super sensitive, her nipples were hard, and her pulse was racing. She stepped into the hallway, grateful no one was around or in the bathroom when she entered. Moving toward the mirror, Nisa stared at her reflection under the harsh fluorescent lights. Her French twist still looked as neat as it had when she’d left her place ten hours ago. She unbuttoned her lab coat, and her gaze was drawn to the outline of her breasts in her gray blouse. She spared no expense on high-end lingerie. Buying it had always been a guilty pleasure. The lightly padded bra she wore was designed to minimize her D cup breasts.

Nisa had always been embarrassed of her chest size as an awkward teenager. Growing up, she hadn’t embraced the unwanted attention her breasts received. She had never figured out how to flirt or use her feminine wiles like her female counterparts. In her profession, brains, not beauty, were celebrated, an aspect she’d always liked.

Until now.

Right now, she couldn’t wait to come out of her lacy white bra. Without even thinking, Nisa shrugged out of her lab coat, unbuttoned her blouse, and pulled down the soft fabric of her bra cups to expose her breasts. Her fingers plucked at her hard nipples, and a small moan escaped from between her lips. A whipcord of pleasure tightened around her body as she flicked her nipples harder and watched herself in the mirror. It felt so good to touch her breasts, but it was not enough to assuage the building need for a release.

She needed…wanted more. Much more.

Nisa glanced at the bathroom door. The odds of another woman walking in at the moment were low, but there was still a chance. She didn’t care. She needed to come right now.

“This is crazy.” Her soft voice echoed in the bathroom.

It was late, and her team was usually the last to leave the building. Reassured, Nisa hiked up her black skirt, exposing her thigh high stockings secured by her favorite garter belt and her white thong. She touched the damp spot on the front of her panties and hissed in a sharp breath. Still watching herself in the mirror, Nisa pulled the wet fabric aside and stared at her trimmed mound.

She moved forward, lifted her leg and placed her knee on the bathroom countertop. The position gave her more access to play. Her palm skimmed over the landing strip of soft ebony curls and delved into her pussy.


She was so turned on she moaned again as she played in her wetness, captivated by her own erotic reflection. She caressed her drenched folds, teasing her clit while tugging on her nipples with her other hand. Her heartbeat thudded in her ears. She stroked faster, swirling her finger around her clit. Her breathy pants become more frantic. She couldn’t believe what she was doing. The woman in the mirror was not her…not with her legs spread wide and the pure look of lust on her face.

Nisa closed her eyes, lost in a haze of bliss, uncaring about anything else. She came hard with a soft cry, trembling with shock and delight as the waves of her orgasm washed over her. Her eyelids fluttered up, and she bit her lip to keep from crying out again while she struggled to breathe normally.

For a few moments, Nisa just looked at her reflection in the mirror. She didn’t recognize the wanton woman staring back at her. Her gaze was drawn again to her erect nipples and the dark chocolate skin of her areolas. She rubbed her palm across the tips of her breasts and whimpered when a powerful orgasmic aftershock ripped through her.

She pulled her slick fingers from her pussy, lifted them to her nose, and breathed in the heady scent of her own arousal. Her eyes shifted back from her wet fingers to the mirror.

It was unbelievable.

She’d just climaxed within a matter of minutes with no toy…no man.


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