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Soul Chance

Willful and spirited, aspiring songstress Ari Dax discovers it will take more than beauty and talent to hit the right notes in her professional and personal life.

Ari Dax loves to sing, party and gamble. She’s comfortable using her beauty and talent to get what she wants and is accustomed to things going her way. When a bad bet puts Ari and her loved ones in danger, she knows it’s time to get her life together. She’s determined to make a go of her music career, ready to put her all in pursuing her dream.

Ryder Stevens sees the potential in Ari’s musical abilities and his attraction to her makes it an easy decision to help her out of a bind. He makes Ari an offer to help and protect her, but her outrageous counteroffer throws him for a loop. Ryder accepts Ari’s terms, determined to teach her a lesson about gambling. He soon wonders if he’s the one being schooled when his heart gets twisted up in their wicked game.

Initially, Ari thinks her risqué offer to Ryder is a genius idea, until she realizes her deal isn’t getting her any closer to the man she loves. She can’t back out of their new agreement and is heartbroken by the realization it may be too late to fix the mess she’s created.

Is there a chance for their love?

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of light bondage, spanking and public sex.

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Talk Sexy: Part One 

Peyton Winter doesn’t expect to enjoy the freedom of expressing and indulging her secret kinky cravings when she takes on a job as a phone sex operator unbeknownst to her boyfriend, Jace. For the first time in her life, Peyton has a safe outlet to explore a side of herself she’s kept hidden, never anticipating the fantasy worlds she creates on the phone to ever collide with her real life until she takes a call from Ian. Their erotic conversations awaken something within Peyton and she soon finds herself longing to meet the man behind the sexy demanding voice with the power to make her feel and do things she’s never done before.

Will she risk the love of a man she knows and cares about to finally experience the kind of white-hot passion she’s always yearned for?

This is book one in the Talk Sexy serial

Peyton enjoys role-playing many of her private kinky erotic fantasies as a phone sex operator…she never dreamed they’d come true with one very sexy caller!

Peyton decides to become a phone sex operator on a whim, but soon discovers she has a flair for sexy gab! For the first time in her life, Peyton indulges her latent yearnings, enjoying the sexual freedom to safely explore her private kinky desires as part of her role to create the ultimate erotic fantasies for her callers, but the more she talks the more she craves. No one knows about her new job…not even her boyfriend who has made it clear he’d like to take things to the next level. Peyton isn’t sure that’s what she wants, especially when it seems one demanding caller seems to know exactly what she needs…

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Ashes To Flames

Ashes to flames…their love has always stood the test of time.

After searching almost a year, Sabria has begun to lose hope she will reunite with her blood-bonded mate, Jai. All she can think about is finding him and reigniting their fiery passion while there is still time. Sabria is overjoyed when she locates Jai against all odds, but her relief is short-lived when she discovers he has no recollection of her and worse yet, he is happily engaged.

Jai senses an immediate connection to Sabria the moment he lays eyes on her. Devoted to his fiancée, Jai is wary of the strange bond between him and Sabria. He wants to keep his distance, but finds himself seeking answers to secrets only Sabria can provide. Blindsided by the truth and an unexpected tragedy, Jai knows he needs to somehow set things right before time runs out and he and Sabria are lost to one another once again.


Sabria froze upon hearing a creaky door open. Her pulse fluttered as she spun around. Jai stepped out into the hallway with a bottle of water in hand, wearing jeans and a long-sleeved white Henley shirt.

You,” he said as their gazes locked.

Sabria stepped towards him, unable to stop the tremulous smile curving her lips. She still couldn’t believe she’d found him. “Jai—”

“What are you doing here?”

His harsh tone gave her pause as he walked up to her. He was always tall, but he seemed even taller now, close enough for her to smell his familiar aftershave and cologne. Sabria lifted her gaze from Jai’s unbuttoned shirt to look into his dark brown eyes. He looked nothing like he had before, but her body responded to him as if they were already lovers. She wanted to reach up and run her hand down the strong line of Jai’s jaw and explore the dark chocolate-coloured muscles she knew lay beneath his clothes.

“Sabria, what are you doing here?”

“Do you know who I am?” Sabria asked, her eyes widening with hope.

Her breath hitched as he looked at her. His voice was the same as it always had been and hearing him say her name again after so much time had passed was doing crazy things to her heart.

Jai frowned. “I’m thinking a harmless stalker at the moment.”

“Stalker?” Sabria repeated, suddenly feeling weak. “Jai, I need to talk to you. Please. I know this doesn’t seem to make any sense, but you have to trust me.”

“Lady, I don’t know you.”

His words cut her as effectively as a knife across her skin.

“Yes, you do. You do. I know you do, Jai.”

Lack of sleep, stress and sadness warbled her voice. Sabria choked back a sob as tears blurred her vision. A wave of dizziness threw her off balance as she reached out to him and she swayed instead.

“Whoa,” Jai said, grabbing hold of her by the arms. “Are you okay?”

Sabria blinked back the tears threatening to fall when he glanced over her head to survey the hallway. She looked down where his hands gripped her arms through her sweater, wishing he were touching her bare flesh. Then maybe he’d remember her. She just needed his kiss.

©Copyright Nichelle Gregory 2013

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Lovin' Leela


A justified complaint of noise leads Leela Monroe on a wild sexual adventure in which she discovers just how easy it could be to "love thy neighbor".

Leela Monroe has had just about enough of the loud music and desperate cries of passion keeping her up all night thanks to her new neighbor next door. Ready to give him a piece of her mind, she's distracted from her complaints when Sam answers the door, throwing her off guard with his sexy smile and into a state of unyielding longing. She gives into the hot chemistry between them, enjoying sex for the first time in her life, but can a relationship based on pleasure truly amount to anything more?

He was at it again with his instrument. This was a new disturbance he liked to subject her to mostly on the weekends. She listened for a few minutes, irritated despite being impressed by his musical abilities. Maybe her sister was right. She just needed to go over there with a smile and ask for some neighbourly consideration.


Enough was enough. With her mind made up, she pushed away from the wall and walked into the bathroom. She was happy to see her mascara and eye shadow still intact, leaving only a little lip gloss to apply to her full lips before pulling her straightened, dark brown hair back into a ponytail. Her warm honey brown skin contrasted beautifully with the pink tee and yoga pants hugging her curvy frame.
Satisfied her appearance would do, she selected a pair of jewelled flip flops and left her place to find the music even louder in the hall. Filled with righteous indignation, she knocked, but the sax playing continued.

“C’mon,” she breathed, pounding harder.

“I’m coming, I’m coming,” came the deep male voice on the other side of the door.

Leela heard the lock turn and quickly plastered a fake smile on her face as the door opened.
“Excuse me…” Her sharp words dried up in her throat as her new neighbour lounged against the doorframe with the sax lying against his chest, the dark strap snug against his neck. Leela’s eyes moved up from the shiny gold instrument to the curious brown eyes studying her. Disarmed by his sexy smile, she blinked in surprise.

He was tall and tan with thick dark brown hair that was a little too long, and defined muscles visible in the dark navy blue tank top he was wearing. He wasn’t cute…he was drop dead gorgeous!

“Yes?” he asked, his fingers playing silent notes on the shiny instrument.

Leela swallowed. “I’m your next door neighbour.”

“Ahhh… I’m Sam Ryan, nice to meet you,” Sam said, extending his hand.

“Leela Monroe.” She shook his hand, instantly noticing long fingers, clean fingernails and his strong grip. “Nice to meet you.” Nervous, Leela glanced down, noting Sam’s bare feet and his muscular, slightly hairy legs. Nice.

“Was I making too much noise for you, Leela?” Sam asked, running a hand through his hair.

Flashes of the previous night raced through her mind. “I was trying to fall asleep, and I could hear you playing.” She couldn’t say anything else—definitely not what was really keeping her up at night.

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